Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of School

You know how emabarrassing it was when your parents walked you to school when you were a kid. Well - it is even sort of embarassing being the parent doing silly things like taking pictures of the kids at the bus stop - I don't think anyone was looking though. Wes and Jess have had a great time at school so far - and say they LOVE school - Now that I think of it I better take a video of them saying this tonight so I can keep it for when they are not so excited about their education.


Sharon said...

Yes, by all means, videos. Separate ones for each. At least 10 different settings. "I love school," "I love school," "I love school." -- Sharon Wolford

Tina said...

Hey Laurie, Such cute kids, they obviously take after Kendall. Anyways, if you want my kids the wait isn't so long, just a few hours of driving. heheheh just kidding. That is so awesome that you are getting ready for a fourth child. Cant wait for the update.
Tina Patel

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