Saturday, September 22, 2007

Autumn Moon Festival Party

We had a fun party last night to celebrate the Moon Festival. We invited the other girls in town (who were born in China) and their families over and tried to make Chinese food. I like to think of our little group as the South Central (insert state here) Families with Asian Adopted and Caucasian Biological Children, I know you are impressed with my naming skills. I think that is why we have no official group name. The food was pretty good - Not that I'd brag! Everyone had a good time. We knew the night would be good immediately upon getting home from work. Claire wanted to watch Dragontale's. I am all for any activity that will keep a 2 year old out of my way when I am trying to cook. I got to the bedroom and Claire said she had put video in. It wouldn't start - so I tried to eject it and it just made a horrible noise. I then noticed a dime in the opening of the DVD player. The DVD then ejected and all was good - until I couldn't get it to reload - Well, no dragontales obviously - and I was just a LITTLE mad. Kendell got home a shook a nickel out of the TV and all is good again. I got the cooking done even with Claire helping, we had fun trying to make moon cakes. The kids had fun playing. We had a nice evening - even though the full moon isn't until next week and the moon was hiding behind a tree - Oh well!!

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