Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Evil That Lurks Beneath

I don't mind lizards, I like turtles, I even don't mind little garter snakes. I don't, however, like large poisonous copperheads that are living under the paddleboat at our lake. This little guy was hanging out under the boat when Kendell went to turn it over yesterday. Then only problem was that he was under there with a friend who got away. This wouldn't worry me so much but it is not the first time Kendell has seen this snake under the boat - The problem it they seem to be reproducing and getter BIGGER! I am fairly sure that the missing snake is pregnant with 100 little baby poisonous snakes. Sorry about the gory photo - but I couldn't get Kendell to hold the snake up like that alive - He absolutely did not want me to post this picture - but I just can't resist showing you the wonderful wildlife that lives here in our little part of the country.

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