Friday, September 7, 2007

Love Without Boundaries (LWB)

This is one of my favorite charities which serves the children of China. I was introduced to the organization shortly after we received our referral for Claire in August 2005. The orphanage she was at is very rural and poor. They care for more than one hundred babies - most are under the age of one. The orphanage could not afford formula for all the babies so they were diluting it. A concerned parent - who had just received their baby contacted Love Without Boundaries. A nutrition program was started and through donations all the children at Xiushan Social Welfare Institute in Chongqing, China now receive all the high quality formula they need. LWB also provides medical care for children in need - most, but not all, of these children are orphans and absolutely would not get the surgery or medical treatment they need without this organization - many of these kids are able to find families now since they are healthy enough to be adopted. Please check out their blog at: . Check out their website at: . Consider supporting a child who needs help NOW by donating at: . Our family has supported the nutrition, medical, and education programs. I know that when I support these kids - they now have a second chance for a permanent loving family. Thanks for listening to me ramble. I have included Claire's photo from referral so you know that an orphan is just a child who needs the love of a family - She doesn't look like an orphan anymore! Every one of these kids will thrive when given hope.

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