Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Making Treats and Cleaning Up

I think that instead of making treats - It should be called making a mess. They are just children - but they can make a gigantic mess. We made cupcakes yesterday as a pre-Halloween warm-up to get the kids sugar levels used to being extraordinarily high before today. We put worms on top - then the kids carried them around the kitchen leaving small pieces of cupcakes all around the floor and smearing icing about. I don't know why they do this - don't most people just sit and eat over a plate or something? I LOVE holidays!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Good Job Note

Monday night Wesley had a basketball game. He is doing fairly well - although he is no Michael Jordan (yet). After the game Wesley asked if he could write a good job note. He noticed that Weston (a boy on the other team) had dribbled the ball down the court well and he thought he deserved a good job note - He asked why people always write thank you notes, but not good job notes. I must say - my little boy is SO sweet. He has a huge heart and Kendell and I pray that he will not lose this as he deals with other kids at school who are not so thoughtful . Also on a good note - Max passed his Well-Mannered Dog Obedience class yesterday - Good Job Max!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Saving Money

My poor children suffer because I am fairly cheap. I like to save money. You'll notice both girls in the stroller - Why buy a 2 seat stroller when you can just make the kids share? - The other photo is of Claire's fall and winter wardrobe which I just removed from storage - They are all hand-me-down's from Jessie - Jessie decided that she would dress all of her stuffed animals in the clothing. Obviously there is not much to do around our house.
Last weekend we took a trip the the Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks. We stayed in the nicest hotel I have seen. The hotel is part of the college. The college has lots of fun things to do with the kids - a museum, a dairy, a mill, a lake (with a swan), a beautiful chapel, and more. The weather was absolutely perfect and we got to save money on the stay since it was a meeting - so paid for by work. If you ever travel to Branson - I would reccomend staying at the Keeter Center and visiting the college. If you are looking for a good college to send your kids to - The college is consistently a top-rated liberal arts school and tuition is free. Student work at a regular job on campus to support the cost of their tuition. I have no more money saving info. for today.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hunting Anyone?

Kendell got a new toy a couple of months ago. He now can spot the crazed deer in our field with virutally no effort. The photo is of the giant herd of rabid deer that was feeding in our field a few days ago (We counted 7 deer in the photo). We don't hunt on our land - so I assume with deer season coming up in the next few weeks we may have hundreds of deer moving in to our little safe haven. I am sure anyone in our area gets an itchy trigger finger and feels their stomach start growling when they see this photo. Deer season is so popular around here - that a school district nearby takes the week of deer season off (who needs spring break anyway - when you can hunt). I don't hunt and don't ever plan on it - Happy Hunting to all those who enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Straight Baby

Here is the exciting story of our evening. Wesley, Jessie, and I brought home dinner from McTeacher's Night at McDonald's (a smart marketing gimmick by McD's) We gave Claire her milk - which she then spilled. Followed 30 seconds later by Jessie spilling her milk. We had 10 minutes to eat and go to karate. So we cleaned up milk - dressed in karate outfits and got into the car. Claire got into the back and buckled herself into Jessie's seat. When I told her to get into her seat she said "No". As she tried to escape to the front seat - I grabbed her and we played straight baby. (If you have a 2 year old - you know straight baby is a popular way to avoid being buckled into your carseat by making yourself straight.) We made it to karate and had to leave since Claire was making to much noise - On the way home we played straight baby again. Thirty minutes later we went back to pick the kids up - and before we got there we had to play get into Jessie's seat and a short game of straight baby. We then arrived at karate 15 minutes early - where Claire was hungry - so she ate a Kleenex (she said it was a cracker) - and tried to bite as I removed it from her shark-like mouth. The kids finished, we were 5 minutes late to Wesley's basketball practice - so we got back in the car where we played another game of straight baby. We got to practice and Claire played strangle the nice lady sitting next to us while trying to put her stuffed puppy on the lady's head. She had forgotten she was hungry - but then remembered when she found a dirty gum wrapper on the floor which she ate. We left practice early (Kendell and Wes were still there). We played one last game of straight baby, came home, gave the girls a shower - Claire, of course, refused to give me the soap to get her clean, I finally got her clean, she got out of the shower and onto the floor (wet and naked) because she remembered she was a puppy. I wrestled the puppy into the bed where she now insisted she was a baby and needed a diaper (a pullup torn open and put on like a diaper) but of course she wouldn't let me put it on - she kept rolling away - I left the room - she cried wanting help with her diaper - I helped her put it on and she then would not let me put her pajamas on. We finally got PJ's on and we read a book - (Wesley's library book). I told her she could not touch it because it was a library book - so she tried to tear the page - I left to read it in another room and she came in crying wanting to read the book. I read the book and put her back in bed where she cried because she wanted to go to Mommy's bed. It has been a long evening and I think I have played one too many games of straight baby today!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Random Animals

This week Claire met a friendly turtle - I think it really liked her. She liked it - because unlike the other animal (Max, the golden retriever) the turtle doesn't knock her down and step on her, followed by licking her to death. We said Hi to Mr. Turtle and then let him go into the wilderness. In other wild news, Max is taking a class called "The Well Mannered Dog". I think this is sort of an oxymoron - but I digress. Max is doing very well and he is doing a most excellent down-stay in the photo of him I took. What a good boy he is on occasion. Now if anyone can give me ideas on how to make him stop eating the deck that would be great! This has nothing to do with this post - but I can not stop laughing at the google ad - After I posted the picture of Wesley's missing tooth on the blog - I now have an ad for a dentist - That is hilarious - Those google ad people are really funny.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

China Match Update

Referrals came in today from China. They have now matched families with babies whose paperwork was sent in through November 30, 2005. Our Log In Date is August 2, 2006 - so at the current rate we will receive a referral in 4-5 years. We can only hope they start to speed up eventually. Congratulations to all the babies who just found parents and all the parents who saw their babies faces for the first time today. It is worth the wait.
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