Sunday, October 7, 2007

Random Animals

This week Claire met a friendly turtle - I think it really liked her. She liked it - because unlike the other animal (Max, the golden retriever) the turtle doesn't knock her down and step on her, followed by licking her to death. We said Hi to Mr. Turtle and then let him go into the wilderness. In other wild news, Max is taking a class called "The Well Mannered Dog". I think this is sort of an oxymoron - but I digress. Max is doing very well and he is doing a most excellent down-stay in the photo of him I took. What a good boy he is on occasion. Now if anyone can give me ideas on how to make him stop eating the deck that would be great! This has nothing to do with this post - but I can not stop laughing at the google ad - After I posted the picture of Wesley's missing tooth on the blog - I now have an ad for a dentist - That is hilarious - Those google ad people are really funny.

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