Monday, October 22, 2007

Saving Money

My poor children suffer because I am fairly cheap. I like to save money. You'll notice both girls in the stroller - Why buy a 2 seat stroller when you can just make the kids share? - The other photo is of Claire's fall and winter wardrobe which I just removed from storage - They are all hand-me-down's from Jessie - Jessie decided that she would dress all of her stuffed animals in the clothing. Obviously there is not much to do around our house.
Last weekend we took a trip the the Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks. We stayed in the nicest hotel I have seen. The hotel is part of the college. The college has lots of fun things to do with the kids - a museum, a dairy, a mill, a lake (with a swan), a beautiful chapel, and more. The weather was absolutely perfect and we got to save money on the stay since it was a meeting - so paid for by work. If you ever travel to Branson - I would reccomend staying at the Keeter Center and visiting the college. If you are looking for a good college to send your kids to - The college is consistently a top-rated liberal arts school and tuition is free. Student work at a regular job on campus to support the cost of their tuition. I have no more money saving info. for today.

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