Monday, November 26, 2007

It's OK To Be My Friend

Last week we had to travel to our local Immigration office (which is 5 hours away) to be refingerprinted. The original application was done for our adoption paperwork. The fingerprints are sent through the FBI computer to make sure you aren't on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted (or something like that) before they approve you to bring a child to the US from another country. For some reason these fingerprints expire after a year and you have to have them redone. I assume this is in case you have a Face Off experience (or in this case a finger off). That was a really bad movie. Anyway - For our adoption we have had a homestudy, state highway patrol fingerprints and background check, child abuse check, employment check, financial check, we had to have proof of life insurance and medical insurance, letters of reference, and some other stuff. So if you want to be our friend we have been checked, checked, and double-checked (anyone read Mooseltoe?). Have a great day - I am going to go and reorganize all my paperwork now (Not).

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