Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Maxed Out

Kendell and I are taking a class called Financial Peace University. The class is absolutely great. We aren't in bad financial shape - but wanted to learn where our money went, how to manage expenses, and how to invest. We have learned all those things and more. We are (mostly) living on a budget and will be completely debt-free in 6 weeks. The class would be great to take if you are just starting out (so you don't get into trouble) or if you have big financial problems. Check out for info. They have a good program for kids also. Our kids are learning all about money now - whether they like it or not. Last night I watched the movie "Maxed Out". It is a very interesting documentary about credit in the U.S. After learning about how credit companies/large banks prey upon college students and the poor. Check out the movie - it is very enlightening.

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