Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We are getting our Letter Of Approval to Adopt from China today. We have to sign this and send it back - then we wait 2-5 week for Travel Approval. Hopefully we should travel at the end of March. I was on call yesterday and the kids were causing havoc around the house as I was getting lots of phone calls (i.e. Claire had the playdoh out - scattered on the kitchen floor, but she really wanted to paint, Jessie needed a toothpick and some tape to do surgery on Claire, and Wesley was lying on the floor moaning about not wanting to do his homework). I don't know how much more trouble 4 kids can cause - but I guess we will find out pretty soon.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessie

Today my big girl turns 6. She is getting a purple princess bike - I hope we don't have to go outside with it until spring! I have put her birhtday morning video on here - Hope you enjoy! She was very excited to take her cupcakes to school and get her gifts.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Names, Names, Names

It seems like most people do not have any trouble naming their children - Or maybe that is just how they act. We had a couple of boy names picked out - but they just didn't seem to fit - So we have finally decided on his name - and we decided he looked like his name - So his name is Benjamin JianZhong. I already have my suitcase out and have started putting travel size items in for the trip (which could be a few months away - but I will be ready). The kids are so excited about the trip and can't stop talking about it and asking questions. So back to my original thoughts in this post - While discussing names, we thought perhaps we should name our lake - My suggestion was Snake Lake (see earlier post about snakes). Kendell suggested that we add to that - Snake Lake for Snakes of Unusual Size (think Princess Bride). Anyway - you will all feel better knowing that I am not including a photo of Snake Lake in Benjamin's photo album which we will be sending - I think that's best!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

What Next??

We have just sent our Letter of Intent to adopt Jian Zhong back to our agency - This should go to China in the next couple of days. We then wait for China to send us a Letter of Approval - this can take from 3-12 weeks. We will travel 4-6 weeks after we get this paper (approximately). We now have to pick out a name. I don't think it would be proper to call him "the one who shall remain nameless" or perhaps naming him with a symbol - like Prince (I can't stand Prince). We will decide this weekend on a name - since I need it for his US Visa paperwork. I hope he likes it - since he is old enough to have an opinion. So - hopefully we will travel sometime between March and June. I am mentally preparing myself for 24 hours of travel with Claire - I may need to be medicated after this. Everyone mentions on their blogs how great their trips were with their young children - I find this hard to believe - I am just focusing on survival and hoping to arrive home with the appropriate number of children and all important paperwork (which in the world of adoption is nearly as important as the children). Have a Happy New Year - we plan to!!!!
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