Sunday, March 30, 2008

Beijing - The Marathon Continues

We are now on day 59 (Ok - well maybe day #8) in Beijing.  Most adoption trips to China last about 10-14 days.  Ours is going to be 21 days long.  Benjamin is in Beijing - so everything is done by the book - for example - 2 years ago we met Claire and adopted her 5 minutes later.  This trip we met Benjamin and were required to do 2 days of bonding before we could adopt him - The passport last trip was done in 5 days.  This time they will not rush the passport and so it takes 7 days.  All the extra days lead to a very long trip - we are still finding things to do - but it would be easier to make dinner than to drag all 4 kids to a restaurant 3 times a day.  Today we went to visit our adoption agencies office in Beijing (Holt Internatioal).  They are the best agency in the whole world (that might be a personal opinion).  We then went to a Chinese Christian Church in Haiden - which had an English language service.  It is pretty cool to see christianity alive and well in this country which has been without religion for so long - The pastor said they had 60 baptisms last Sunday.  He spoke of having catechism (?spelling) class prior to being baptized - so they are a little different than the christian church at home - The music was great and was exactly what you would hear in a contemporary service at home.  We then went to the bookstore - We got 6 books for 34 yuan (our first good deal here - less than $5).  We had Pizza Hut carry out for supper (they don't deliver).  I can't think of one more interesting thing to say - Have a nice Sunday.  An explanation of the photos - The bird's nest olympic stadium, the Holt office - Benjamin in the Holt office, the Chinese church, and Claire's pants after a day in Beijing (do not bring light colored pants when you visit here - you will never be able to wear them again).

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