Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 2 in China

Tired, tired, tired - If we would stop waking up at 3 am we wouldn't be so tired. We had a free day today - we went to Walmart and got some things we needed and some toys that we didn't. We ate lunch at McDonald's (shocking I know - it was my pennance for not getting Jessie a toy at Walmart). We found a really big toystore with a cool indoor playground - we will try out later this week. We laid around the hotel all afternoon and then went to dinner at a nearby restaurant - 2/4 kids fell asleep at dinner - at around 6 pm - The third was so grouchy she wouldn't sit in her own seat or eat anything - because I had to wake her up from what she thought was nightime to go and eat. I know that the excitement of the day is overwhelming everyone - and I know that China sounds so exciting as we have seen it. We have lots of tours planned - they don't start until Wednesday - Tomorrow we go to officially register our adoption - we leave at 7:30 am and our guide said to plan to be back around 2:30 pm. Another exciting day! Benjamin is doing great - he has learned - Hi, Mama, Baba, OK, my turn, and Grandma - He can count to four in English - he talks a lot now and I can understand about 2% or less. He hasn't stopped smiling since he got to the hotel room yesterday. He told our guide he was so happy because he has a family. I think things are going really well so far - I realize we haven't hit any of the hard stuff yet - but he is a lot of fun and laughs a lot - If the rest of us could get over the jet lag - we would be a lot more fun!

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