Monday, March 31, 2008

Dinner Anyone?

We had our last tour in Beijing today - We went to the Lama temple - A Buddhist temple which has the largest Buddha in the world - over 26 meters high - built out of a single piece of sandalwood. It is in the guinness book of world records and it is huge. A good time was had by all - Benjamin kneeled to pretend he was praying to Buddha - so I think he has seen this sort of thing before. We then went to Silk Street - a large market where they sell knock-off everything - I mean everything - It is a nice place to visit if you like to be accosted by people trying to sell you things - It was fun - We bought Benjamin a T shirt and shorts - and bargained the price down by 2/3 - I think we did OK. Then we quickly left. We went to Dairy Queen for ice cream - which was great and then to the night market where they sell all sort of yummy foods on sticks - like eels, centipedes, scorpions, squid, snake, silkworms, etc. You get the idea - the kids loved it - just as I suspected. We had to stop Wesley from making vomitting noises - we discussed later about trying to be culturally sensitive - I don't know if it helped. We are now off to McDonald's - we are still trying to do one Chinese and one some other type of meal a day - See ya!

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Tina said...

MMMMMMMMMM Yum! Can you all bring some back for us...hehe Looks like you are all having a good time. Best of luck and have a safe trip back.

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