Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Does the Tooth Fairy visit China?

I would like to congratulate Wesley on finally losing his other top front tooth today - After messing with it for weeks, I can happily say farewell to the tooth. On to bigger and better things now. Today we toured the Temple of Heaven - I am a little sketchy on the details but it is very impressive and was built in the 1400'a. We saw lots of older people exercising in the park - It makes me laugh thinking of my dad dancing in the park for exercise. We then went to Tianneman Square - the kids were not terribly impressed by the large piece of concrete with a statue in the middle - but then again it is hard to recognize the historical significance of such a place when you are 3 years old. The last time we came to China we didn't bring Wesley and Jessie (a wise decision at the time). This time we have the kids and we had to get our picture taken with several Chinese tourists because of them. I think they really just wanted their pictures with Jessie. Our guide told us they like caucasian children because they look like little dolls (sounds vaguely familiar doesn't it). We went to lunch at Pizza Hut - I think we are trying to have one Chinese and one non-Chinese meal a day - This seems to keep the urchins happy. We are now back at the hotel room - As I suspected the purchase of a Nintendo DS lite was a bad idea - Benjamin, Jessie, and Wesley spend way to much time on it. Benjamin's first word because of this was "my turn". Kendell is torturing Wesley by making him do his journal - This involves a lot of yelling and some crying! Apparently doing just a few minutes of schoolwork a day while in China is a big burden on children - who would have thought it! Jessie really likes Benjamin - she thinks he is a toy and keeps patting his back and pinching his cheeks - It is pretty funny.

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