Friday, March 28, 2008

It Never Rains In Beijing

"It never rains in Beijing" - That is what our agency representative said to us as we rode from the plane to our hotel when we arrived. In a freakish turn of events today, however, it rained all day, except of course at the top of the wall - where it was snowing. We had a good time anyhow - and everyone apppreciated the impressive structure - except Claire who had to go to the bathroom (luckily we had a handy-dandy pull up in the bag for just such an emergency - I don't think the guards at the wall had to use a toilet - they were probably all boys!, by the way - anyone who thinks their 3 year old won't have a better time staying at home with someone while you are in China - you are wrong - although our 6 and 8 year old seem to be having a good time - and Claire has a good time occasionally - especially when I carry her everywhere!). So I digress, back to the point of the story. We also visited the jade and cloissone (?spelling) factories today. We supported the local economy at these establishments. We were stuck in traffic trying to get back to the hotel for about 2 hours - that was fun - all in all we had a very good day! I had to add the photo from the cable car we rode up to the great wall in - I am not sure what they mean by "No Smoking or Scratching in the Compartment". It is late now and I must go to sleep - It is nearly 7:15 pm!

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