Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Near Death Experience

It is so relaxing traveling with the whole family! After getting out of the van today, Benjamin was apparently bored with waiting 5 seconds for us to get out so he decided to dart into the street - That was exciting! Anyhoo - everyone is fine - we went to the Summer Palace - former home of one of China's not-so-nice empresses. It was very cold - but, beautiful with lots of magnolia trees blooming. We also went to the panda zoo and were pleasently surprised to see a vigorous panda chasing some birds (last time we came they just slept). Benjamin was very upset we would not buy him a stuffed panda and pouted for quite a while - at least until we had a snack. We also took a rickshaw ride through the hutong and visited with a local man - on the way out of the hutong we looked at a porcelain exhibit - can you guess why (with 4 kids) we didn't but anything? We also went to the acrobat show tonight - Kendell, Mom, and I fell asleep for a little while and the kids really liked it. Benjamin still prefers Kendell and will give him a hug and kiss now - He is not speaking much to us in English - but it using a lot of sign language now - he has finally figured out that we are dumb and don't speak Mandarin - he really likes talking to our driver about cartoons and other things he likes. You will notice in the photos that Benjamin is not much taller than Claire who is 2 1/2 years younger than he is. I also put in a picture of our favorite sign at the panda zoo - I would hate to see the awful results of panda suddeness. Good Night.

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