Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snow and Travel Dates

Msybe it will be warmer in Beijing. I don't think we have had snow or ice in at least 3 years here. This year the kids have missed almost 2 weeks of school for snow days. Today the snow was nice and I think the kids enjoyed coming to the office with us so they could collect hundreds of stickers and lots of candy. If your child is coming to our office for shots in the near future - sorry for the lack of stickers to cheer them up! On a more interesting note we got our travel dates today - We leave for Beijing on March 21 and return to the US on April 10. It is going to be a very long trip with our kids in a very small hotel room or two. I would like to apologize ahead of time to the people on our plane and to the people in every restaurant in China - and to the people who will be cleaning our hotel room - My kids can't help it - they are just energetic!!!!!!!
By the way - In the midst of the snow and ice Wesley had his 8th birthday.

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