Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Travel Itinerary

Here is the plan for our trip - We are leaving to stay in a hotel near the airport after work tomorrow.  I am nearly done packing - As you can see I have managed to fit everything into the bags and they aren't even overweight! We did OK - we have one big suitcase and 2 carryon size for a family of 6 - Everyone gets a backpack - We will see if we can get the kids to carry theirs. Our plane leaves home at 6 am on Friday and leaves Chicago to Beijing at around 12:00pm. We arrive in Beijing at 3 pm (China time) - after about 14 hours on the plane. My only packing issues is 3 years old and at her grandma's house right now - she has managed to eat all the plane snacks I put in her backpack and littered the toys she was taking around the house - I guess they better offer good snacks on the plane!
Travel Itinerary:
Mar/22 Saturday
You will arrive in Beijing at 3:05pm by UA851.
Please meet our English-speaking tour guide and driver at airport exit for transfer to
Hotel after going through immigration and customs. Novotel Peace Hotel

Mar/23 Sunday Novotel Peace Hotel (B/L)
9:00am orientation in Hotel Meeting room
Half day tour of Tiananmen Square and Temple of Heaven after group lunch.

Mar/24 Monday Novotel Peace Hotel (B)
Child handoff in morning at Beijing orphanage

Mar/25 Tuesday Novotel Peace Hotel (B)
Morning: Adoption registration and notarization, child passport

Mar/26 Wednesday Novotel Peace Hotel (B)
Shopping for children supplies in the morning;
Optional activity in the afternoon

Mar/27 Thursday Novotel Peace Hotel (B/L)
Tour to Forbidden City, JingShan Park and BeiHai.

Mar/28 Friday Novotel Peace Hotel (B/L)
Tour to Mutianqu Great Wall, (including cable car) and Hutong Lane;

Mar/29 Saturday Novotel Peace Hotel (B/L)
Tour to Summer Palace,
Panda Zoo and Acrobatics Show at night

Mar/30 Sunday Novotel Peace Hotel (B)
Optional (church service)

Mar/31 Monday Novotel Peace Hotel (B/L)
Tour to Lama Temple and
Xiu Shui Silk Market

Apr/1 Tuesday Novotel Peace Hotel (B)
Pick child’s passport in the afternoon

Apr/2 Wednesday Novotel Peace Hotel (B)
Optional activities arranged by Holt. Schedule to be announced by your Holt

Apr/3 Thursday Novotel Peace Hotel (B)
Receives Child passport

Apr/4 Friday (B)
Airport transfer
Beijing/Guangzhou CA1315(11:15am/2:15pm) White Swan Hotel

Apr/5 Saturday White Swan Hotel (B)
9:30am-10:30am paper work-checking in Hotel Meeting Room

Apr/6 Sunday White Swan Hotel (B)
Optional activities arranged by Holt. Schedule to be announced by your Holt

Apr/7 Monday White Swan Hotel (B)
Medical check

Apr/8 Tuesday White Swan Hotel (B)
Visa appointment

Apr/9 Wednesday (B)
Oath-taking ceremony
Your guide will take you to the train station.
Guangzhou/Hongkong T825 (8:13pm – 10:02 pm) Harbour Plaza Metropolis

Apr/10 Thursday: Leave Hong Kong at around 12:00 pm - arrive at home at 8 pm - same day.

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