Sunday, April 6, 2008

Coke - The Resident Evil

Benjamin really likes Coke - like to much - We have let the kids drink Coke on this trip even though they normally don't get it - but it is hard to get just water or milk with a meal - today Benjamin got a Coke with his lunch - We were letting him drink it out of his glass - he wanted it out of the can - He pouted through the whole meal and wouldn't eat or drink anything - tough for him - more for us.  I have decided that Coke is evil and has led to many "issues".  Don't let Coke know I said that!  Nothing exciting today again - We went to the jade and pearl market and didn't get much - it was hot and we were unmotivated - We did go to the DVD store and stock up - 10 DVD's for $20.  We got Enchanted, National Treasure-Book of Secrets, Alvin and the chipmunks, 3 Barbie movies (guess who picked those out!), a chinese power rangers, and some others - That felt good - saving 90% on a purchase.  Mom and I went to church this morning it was the English service - but was mostly in Mandarin - We ducked out after about 45 minutes - They had some good music and the place was packed.  The kids spent the evening watching their new movies and eating Papa John's pizza.  Only 2 full days left here in Guangzhou - Benjamin's medical exam is tomorrow - We are also going to try and go on a River Cruise tomorrow night - I am not sure if that is a great idea - as I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't lose somebody overboard.  The hotel is fabulous - the service is great - They make up the bed in the morning and they come back at night and give you fresh towels and take your trash and leave chocolate - and turn down the bed so you don't strain yourself going to sleep.  We finally have a travel group which is very exciting - it is fun to finally have other families to talk to. The photos today are of the church we went to and of my kids - in a state of extreme happiness from having new movies. It is funny, as I read through these posts as I write them they are becoming more of a list of things we did for the day and less interesting or informative information. That must be what happens on day #17 of a really long trip with all the kids. Frightening!

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