Monday, April 14, 2008

How Do I Wake Them Up?

I am writing this at 6 pm on Monday evening - Wesley is sitting here with me eating the lasagna I made for dinner. The other 3 kids are asleep. I can't figure out how to wake them up. If I do - they are so cranky - but I can't stand many more of these 4 am mornings. My only hope is that the weather is really nice tomorrow and I can make them all play outside tomorrow. I think they would have a hard time sleeping on the swingset or on their bikes. The bad weather these last few days has led to a lot of movie watching (AKA sleeping on a couch with a movie playing). Benjamin is doing well at home. He went to preschool today. I think he liked it. He was definitely not interested in staying there without Kendell or I though. I have added some pictures from the end of our trip. We went to a Safari Park in Guangzhou and the kids got to pet a real live baby bear, baby monkey, baby white tiger, and a baby wallaby. It was really fun. I also included one photo of us in Hong Kong - It was very foggy that morning so we couldn't really get any good pictures. The other photo is of the kids at the White Swan. They have decided after 3 weeks of photos that there is no need to stand still for a picture anymore.

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