Friday, April 4, 2008

Jessie - A Star Is Born

I can't tell you how may pictures Jessie had to take with rural Chinese tourists in Beijing - I am pretty sure it was over 20 - when we visited the Summer Palace she was practically mobbed by a tour group - I was surprised - but thought that once we got to Guangzhou her status as a rock star would fade. Tonight at dinner - as I was thinking how nice it would be not to have to stop and have Jessie's photo taken all the time - Some students stopped her to have their picture taken with her - What's the deal - She is awfully cute - There are so many American tourists/families here that I am hoping that is the last picture (Jessie loves it though!). Anyhoo - I think Benjamin liked the plane ride - the trip was about 3 hours - We don't have any plans this week yet - except paperwork stuff. Benjamin asked our guide before we left if we were going to take him with us - She reassured him he was staying with us. So I think he was feeling better. We really like our new room - We even have a little living room and a huge bathroom - Look - I have finished another post without any sarcasm or wit (sorry).

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