Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Keep Off The Grass

I don't think people in Beijing have ever walked on grass - I'm serious. We went to a park today - Something like the Earth Park - and there were a million signs warning you to keep off the grass. I don't think that children here EVER play on grass - Isn't that weird? The park was very nice and in the center had a large temple like place which was originally built over 600 years ago - The kids had a great time running around the large open area (not grassy). We then found the play area. I think that China is more adult centered than child centered - The playground had almost all exercise equipment for adults and a couple of things for kids to climb on (over concrete, of course). I have yet to see a swing or a slide in all the parks we have been in (this has the kids quite preclempt). Claire had to use to squatty potty at the park - and all we managed to do was have her pee on both of her ankles (it was pretty bad). We had dim sum (I think) at a nearby restaurant which was really good and then came back to the hotel for my (I mean Claire's) afternoon nap. The kids had great fun with paper airplanes and then we went for dinner at Outback Steakhouse - It was OK - but was the most expensive meal we have had yet. We are now relaxing at the room - We get Benjamin's passport tomorrow - Yeah! Benjamin does really well with us in the room. When we are out with the guide he tends to prefer walking with them and talking to them the whole time - He does not like to do what we say when we are out - but he does listen well in the room. He likes to play Uno and we are definitetly going to have to put up the Nintendo when we get home. The sign photo today (look at #9) warns parkgoers to avoid superstitious activity in the park). Good Night from Beijing.

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theallens said...

If you find a penny can you pick it up? Maybe if you're not doing it for good luck.

We'll have to play UNO sometime. That's one of the games we all play as a family and games are more fun with more people!

It's hard to figure out how you're probably getting ready for lunch...tomorrow!

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