Saturday, April 5, 2008

No Shopping For Benjamin (Gei wa)

Benjamin loves to shop - or really he just loves to get stuff. He does not like to hear the word "No". If he hears this very bad word - he must be disgruntled for quite a while and you might as well just take him back to the room - because he will no longer be holding your hand or walking with you. So I think that this may save us some money on the trip as we will only be shopping in shifts. I might explain that the island we are staying on is full of shops with all sort of very cheap Chinese souveneirs (if you get a present from us - which is highly unlikely since we are so cheap - it will likely be from here and will have been cheap!). Today we went and got Benjamin's visa photo taken - The boy is very photogenic! We had a very exciting paperwork meeting - I was very glad to get rid of some paperwork. Mom and I had a massage for 90 minutes for the price of 68 yuan ($10) - Now that is my kind of deal - Kendell got to watch the kids while we were gone - Isn't he lucky to have all that bonding time alone! I have included some pictures of our trip to the park this morning and of the view from our room on the 26th floor of the Pearl River - Sadly it looks the best when it is dark. The island we are staying on is absolutely beautiful and the weather is great. We are so sorry to have missed all the flooding at home - we are hoping our house is still there and that our ducks haven't floated away.

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