Thursday, April 3, 2008

Packing Up the Wagons

We just finished packing for our trip to Guangzhou.  Our agency rep should be here soon to drop of Benjamin's passport - We are ready to go - We have had a lot of togetherness here - Our room at the White Swan is supposed to be a 2 bedroom suite.  I was feeling adventurous this morning and we rented a driver/minibus and went to the Botanical Gardens (those who know me - know I just can't pass up a good garden!).  Apparently every school in Beijing was going to the garden - I am not exagerating if I say that there were probably 1000 or more kids there - I have never seen a Botanical garden that was wall to wall people (or tree to tree).  We had a good time and the conservatory had the most beautiful collection of orchids I have ever seen.  I have included a few photos - that only I may appreciate - We are now back at the hotel and everyone is fighting over the Nintendo again (if we had 4 of them - I bet no one would want to play with it!).  Benjamin knows several words now - like, for example McDonald's, Kentucky (Fried Chicken), and pizza.  He loves Spiderman and will sometimes not leave the room without his spiderman pajamas. He ordered a Coke at the chinese restaurant today at lunch (we thought that might be what he was saying) - the waitress brought it and we had them take it back - only water at this meal - He was not very happy with this - so he didn't eat much.  He says they used to give him soda, juice, and sugar water to drink in the evening and by the looks of his teeth - I believe it.  Not much else to add today. I am also including a photo for my medically inclined friends - We passed by the Hospital of the Femoral Head and the Andrology Hospital today.  When we went to the Children's Hospital and they had a stomatology department - very interesting.

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