Monday, April 7, 2008

Say Ahhhh!

Benjamin passed his medical exam today - not a shock, but certainly a relief. We had a good time at the doctor - can you imagine - it was a doctor's office with no waiting - we saw 3 doctors in less than 30 minutes. We stopped by the park on the way back to the hotel today - there were lots of schoolkids out - they were on rollerblades, scooters, and skateboards. Can you imagine the liability issues? No helmets anywhere to be seen and the kids were having a great time. We had our red couch photo where all the new kids have their picture taken together - The babies in the group were not interested and Benjamin looked like he couldn't believe he had to sit by those kids - We got some funny photos though. We went on a Pearl River cruise tonight - It was really nice - it was a dragonboat and the view from the boat was great. Benjamin is doing well - What we have learned on this trip so far is:
1: Benjamin still is really worried we aren't taking him home.
2: He does not want to share a room with Wesley - he wants to sleep in our room.
3: Claire is 3 years old - It is hard to be 3 - the whole world is against you - just ask her.
4: We drank no Coke today, things were better this way!
5: When the shops around here aren't busy you can get some great deals. Not many families left here - since the trade fair is next week and people were ready to bargain.
6: Benjamin + Chinese Power Rangers video = Power Ranger Benjamin (maybe not such a good idea!)
7: I can't think of #7 - It is getting late.
Hope you enjoy the random pictures for the day.


John & Sarah said...

Benjamin is so cute and it sounds like you are all having such a great time. We are coming home so time over the summer and can't wait to see you all! God bless. The pictures are great!

John & Sarah said...

Benjamin is so cute. Sounds like you all are having a great time. We are coming home sometime over the summer and can't wait to see you all. The pictures are great! God bless.

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