Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Would You Drink the Water?

This will probably be my most uninteresting post of the whole trip - or at least I hope so. This morning we went and saw Benjamin's finding spot - This may important for him to be able to see when he gets older. Then we layed around the hotel room - We went out for lunch and came back to the room. I didn't drink the water, but still seem to have obtained some sort of stomach issue. I have learned today that Pepto Bismol can be taken every 30 minutes - I am still waiting for it to work. No pictures today since the only photos I have are of Benjamin's finding spot and I currently lack motivation to take candid, fun kid pictures here in the room. We are going to a museum tomorrow - At least I will be if I am feeling better.


Amanda said...

Hi Clarkstons! Your blog address was forwarded to me, and so I've been lurking and learning about your adoption. Congratulations!

What do you mean about his "finding spot?" How old was he when he was abandoned?

Amanda said...

Oh, it's Amanda Perkins, by the way. :)

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