Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I thought I would share a couple of photos for mother's day. I have included a couple of pictures of Mom - prior to my brother and I's arrival - You will note that raising us has slightly caused her hair color to change a bit - I am sure that won't happen to me! My mom just traveled with us to China and lived to tell about it. However, she may never want to travel with us again. We could not have gotten home with four kids without her - we might have come back with a couple - but never all four. She lives a few hours away - but the kids still love to see "City Grandma". I also incuded a photo of my grandma - The picture is from my college graduation and I think that was only 2 or 3 years ago - Ok - maybe it was 11 years ago - but I don't look any older and neither does grandma! I hope everyone has a great mother's day! I know I have enjoyed spending most of my day at the hospital on call!

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