Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer Vacation and Bonding

The kids have finished school and once again we have come upon the time of year in which I really wish I had become a teacher - Oh well - I am definitely not going back to school - so I guess I will stick with my current job. We leave for Estes Park, Colorado tomorrow - I anticipate that 14 hours in the car with my kids will be much better than 14 hous in an airplane with them!! I am hoping to keep up with the blog a little better since I won't be at work - we will see how that works out! I am obviously blogging right now - since otherwise I would have to be packing - I believe I just need the proper motivation to keep this up to date - Benjamin is doing well - We were singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" on the trampoline tonight. This seems to be a good activity for teaching the body parts - He was trying to tell me their names in Mandarin and I can't remember anything he told me - I don't think I have a gift for languages. He now says "I love you" and will give us a goodnight kiss without being prompted - It is exciting to see him become a part of the family - It is hard to explain how your feelings change for a child over a period of time - Most of the time with bio kids (although not always) - Once they are born you have an instant bond with them. Claire was 8 months old when we got her - we loved her from the moment we saw her - but she had not been held much and didn't expect much from us for the first few weeks - she finally figured out that we would be there when she needed us and started to interact, reach for us, and become interested in her surroundings (although I must say that a hypotonic, detached child - makes for an easy plane ride) She has changed one million percent - as anyone can see - Benjamin came to us very interested in everything - we have worked to make him a little more dependent on us for things than he was used to. He now holds our hands like he means it - he has stopped trying to run off all the time - He shows affection (he likes to come and get in our bed in the morning). If you have adopted you will hear that in the first few weeks it can feel like babysitting - It is nice to be moving out of the babysitting stage and into the being a real family stage. I think things are really progressing well.

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