Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Garden Friends

There is nothing better than to have friends helping around the garden. Today I found many, many friends in my garden. To be precise, about 4 million - squash bugs - feasting on my zucchini and yellow squash. I haven't even had any vegetables yet and they have attacked. Well I treated my new friends to a small dose of their favorite insecticide - I hoped they liked it!!!!! By the way - I would like to mention that I hate using chemicals in my garden - I don't use much - I am fairly sure that we will now develop some horrible invasive cancer because of the spray - but at least we will have some squash (maybe!) If anyone has suggestions for getting rid of these little pests without insecticide I would love to know. I wasn't kidding about the cancer - I am pretty sure those things are horrible for our health - I am also pretty sure that whatever I buy at the store will have been treated with a lot more than I am using! I plan to investigate a more natural treatment for these creatures - but I lack the time - since I had to type this blog post instead. Also as any good gardener knows - when you go to the garden and find a horrible infestation you get really panicky and race for whatever you can find to fend off the attack before they have ravaged everything! I hope I won the battle - because I am sure there is no hope for the war! At least my flowers look good. I promise to lay off the flower pictures soon - I just love flowers!

Friday, June 20, 2008

My New Hole

We have a hole - We are hoping that the hole will become a house - but for now it is just a really big hole - I don't know what to do with this kind of hole - I was thinking of putting some concrete in and making a really cool pool or a big duck pond. We could use it to play racquetball in - but I don't know how well the ball will bounce in there. Since I am really bad at golf - I could use it as a golf hole and then I might make a hole in one. I guess I will just wait for the builder to fill the hole - I will try to keep everyone updated on the progress - The hole was dug 2 weeks ago - so the progress we have made since then is - well there hasn't been any - but I have saved money - since no work is being done! Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Estes Park - Family Fun

All is well here in the Rockies. We survived the 14 hour car ride with a minimum of threatening and yelling. The kids have gone cold turkey on their TV and movie watching since we arrived and they are still OK (shocking, I know). We started our trip by driving across Kansas - This was made slightly more entertaining than watching paint dry - by the recent introduction of a wind farm - that was totally cool to see in the middle of nowhere (I apoligize to any Kansan's for the above comments - Your state is very nice, but really, really wide!). We also stopped for a little visit at the Eisenhower Presential Library and Museum. The kids enjoyed this for the most part (ie - Benjamin liked the guns, Wesley liked the guns, Jessie liked the dresses, and Claire liked me to hold her while she whined a lot). We stopped overnight in the booming metropolis of Limon, Colorado - before heading to the Colorado Museum of Science and Nature - where Benjamin could not wait to see the dinosaurs and Wesley was enthralled by the Gold exhibit. We then arrived at the YMCA of the Rockies where we are staying in a fabulous cabin - The kids have been going to Day Camp each morning and Grandma, Kendell, and I have been taking a little hike. The first morning we hiked to Moraine Park and this morning we took a little 4 mile stroll around Lake Estes (I think that's its name). This afternoon we all went on an 11 mile downhill ride - that was really fun (after Wesley and Jessie got the hang of their hand brakes and Benjamin stopped pouting about having to ride in the trailer). It was a fun family activity run by Colorado Bicycling Adventures - our guides were very patient with our nervous children. Tomorrow the kids go swimming with day camp and in the afternoon we plan to ride up Trail Ridge Road - by car, not by bike. The award for trooper of the day goes to my mom - who went on our little bike ride after not riding for a really long time! Good night!
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