Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Garden Friends

There is nothing better than to have friends helping around the garden. Today I found many, many friends in my garden. To be precise, about 4 million - squash bugs - feasting on my zucchini and yellow squash. I haven't even had any vegetables yet and they have attacked. Well I treated my new friends to a small dose of their favorite insecticide - I hoped they liked it!!!!! By the way - I would like to mention that I hate using chemicals in my garden - I don't use much - I am fairly sure that we will now develop some horrible invasive cancer because of the spray - but at least we will have some squash (maybe!) If anyone has suggestions for getting rid of these little pests without insecticide I would love to know. I wasn't kidding about the cancer - I am pretty sure those things are horrible for our health - I am also pretty sure that whatever I buy at the store will have been treated with a lot more than I am using! I plan to investigate a more natural treatment for these creatures - but I lack the time - since I had to type this blog post instead. Also as any good gardener knows - when you go to the garden and find a horrible infestation you get really panicky and race for whatever you can find to fend off the attack before they have ravaged everything! I hope I won the battle - because I am sure there is no hope for the war! At least my flowers look good. I promise to lay off the flower pictures soon - I just love flowers!


cindy said...

Once again, your flowers are wonderful! I too try to enjoy them everyday they are in bloom! My hydrangea didn't bloom this year. It's just all green with folage. Any suggestions? We have had trouble with squash bugs too. We read to put a board by the plant and the bugs will crawl under it and you can "squash" them!
I agree with you on using chemicals. We try to limit them. I also read you can plant marigolds around your plants because bug don't like them. Good luck! C Wehmer

Willowmom said...

This is the first year I have had really great hydrangea blooms - I forgot to put on some acidifier - so I didn't think they would be so blue - Last year I didn't have any blooms because of the freeze. I don't know how you get them to bloom - maybe it is to shady??? I planted some zinnia's for bug control but they aren't very high yet.

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