Thursday, July 31, 2008

It Was Nearly a Clean Sweep

My kids had Vacation Bible School last week. The theme was "Power" - (i.e. Jesus has Power). Each day they came they got to enter their name in a drawing for a prize. At the end of VBS they have a program where they sing the songs they learned, eat cookies, and draw for the prizes. In the preschool group - they drew the name and Claire won - a new tricycle. In the kindergarten group - they drew the name and Benjamin won - a new scooter. In the 1-2 grade group they drew the name and Emily won (Jessie's friend who came with her twice during then week). Since Emily was not there - they drew another name and Jessie won - a new MP3 player. I am sad to say that Wesley - shockingly - didn't win the 3-4 grade prize - I don't know what happened there. Anyhoo - I wanted to crawl under the pew - I don't know how they all won - But they got really good prizes - they were overjoyed and I felt like a cheater - there were between 60 - 75 kids at VBS the previous 4 nights - I don't know how it worked out that way - I thought about going and playing the lottery - but I figured I better not press my luck! Next year though - were going for the clean sweep.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's Missing?

Jessie lost her first tooth this week. She lost it with a little gentle persuasion from a friend. She then proudly brought it home wrapped in toilet paper. She showed it to her grandma, who was visiting. She then lost it, again. Thus the picture - One is a picture of depressed Jessie - who can't find her tooth and the second is of happy Jessie whose daddy found her tooth on the carpet under her bed. See if you can guess which is which. She was very excited about the tooth fairy - however, as often happens in our home - morning came - but the tooth fairy did not (bad tooth fairy!). I told Jessie that sometimes the tooth fairy comes when she is in the shower - she quickly got in the shower and what do you know - the tooth fairly brought $3.00 while she was gone. Things like that happen at our house - I don't like to get to worked up over special events, birthdays, or holidays - unfortunately that means sometimes I forget. Oops!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is the Bumblebee Still There?

Jessie and Claire are preparing a picnic on the driveway -
Claire comes inside. Jessie is in the kitchen making popcorn and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Apparently a bee had been visiting there picnic.
Jessie "Is the bumblebee still there?"
Claire "Yes"
Jessie "Just go back outside and make funny faces at it."
Claire "OK"

Claire then went back outside to guard the beachtowel that their picnic was on. Why won't she do things that I ask her so easily?

Minor Progress

We are now a couple months into our home building adventure and I must say it is much cheaper than I expected - perhaps that is because nothing has happened. I have purchased several thousand dollars worth of styrofoam. I would suggest styrofoam manufacturing to anyone looking for a good business - That stuff is expensive! These are the structure for the insulated concrete form foundation/home. When finished this house should be very cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It should also be fairly tornado proof. The rainy season here has lasted much longer than anticipated so they have not been able to pour any concrete - as far as I am concerned this is only delaying my ability to dig holes and plant stuff (I don't like decorating - just landscaping) - that is what I am really waiting for - Today I have also added a couple of Silver Dollar City photos - the kids had a great time there - Benjamin loved his first roller coaster ride. Unfortunately he couldn't ride several things because he is so short - so he has come home and been drinking more milk in an attempt to grow. I think it is working! He is an inch taller than when we measured him in May - so he grew and inch in the first 8 weeks in the US - yeah for protein!!
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