Thursday, July 31, 2008

It Was Nearly a Clean Sweep

My kids had Vacation Bible School last week. The theme was "Power" - (i.e. Jesus has Power). Each day they came they got to enter their name in a drawing for a prize. At the end of VBS they have a program where they sing the songs they learned, eat cookies, and draw for the prizes. In the preschool group - they drew the name and Claire won - a new tricycle. In the kindergarten group - they drew the name and Benjamin won - a new scooter. In the 1-2 grade group they drew the name and Emily won (Jessie's friend who came with her twice during then week). Since Emily was not there - they drew another name and Jessie won - a new MP3 player. I am sad to say that Wesley - shockingly - didn't win the 3-4 grade prize - I don't know what happened there. Anyhoo - I wanted to crawl under the pew - I don't know how they all won - But they got really good prizes - they were overjoyed and I felt like a cheater - there were between 60 - 75 kids at VBS the previous 4 nights - I don't know how it worked out that way - I thought about going and playing the lottery - but I figured I better not press my luck! Next year though - were going for the clean sweep.

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