Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's Missing?

Jessie lost her first tooth this week. She lost it with a little gentle persuasion from a friend. She then proudly brought it home wrapped in toilet paper. She showed it to her grandma, who was visiting. She then lost it, again. Thus the picture - One is a picture of depressed Jessie - who can't find her tooth and the second is of happy Jessie whose daddy found her tooth on the carpet under her bed. See if you can guess which is which. She was very excited about the tooth fairy - however, as often happens in our home - morning came - but the tooth fairy did not (bad tooth fairy!). I told Jessie that sometimes the tooth fairy comes when she is in the shower - she quickly got in the shower and what do you know - the tooth fairly brought $3.00 while she was gone. Things like that happen at our house - I don't like to get to worked up over special events, birthdays, or holidays - unfortunately that means sometimes I forget. Oops!


cindy said...

The tooth fairy is a tough one to pull off even if you remember!! You still have to be very quiet and clever grabbing the tooth and leaving the $. I used to tell Em to leave it under the very edge of the pillow; that way the tooth fairy wouldn't wake her up and scare her! We read a great book about the tooth fairy, but I can't remember the name now. Maybe Em will know it. C Wehmer

John and Sarah said...

Awesome post. I once pulled a tooth out that was supposed to stay. I am missing it to this day.

I miss my tooth.

- John

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