Monday, August 25, 2008

House Update

The house continues to get taller - I think that is a good sign. The main floor ICF walls have been poured. They are framing all the walls on the main level this week and putting the second floor - floor trusses up this week - They may pour the second floor ICF walls on Friday. I - who does not love to shop - (and Kendell) have to pick out all the plumbing fixtures, tubs, and lighting in the next week or two - so that should be painful. I would say things are going well since Kendell and I have not been fighting about anything yet (not like when we put in the laminate floor in the house - it is best just not to talk to each other for a couple of days when you are doing a project like that!). I also included a photo of my mother-in-laws zinna's - they are beautiful and full of butterflies - you realize I just can't resist a good flower picture.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Day of School

Everyone started school this week. Wesley is in 3rd grade, Jessie is in 1st grade, and Benjamin is in Kindergarten. They were all very excited to start, except Benjamin. He said, "I don't like school." So I said, "Yes you do - school is fun!." After brainwashing him with this the entire weekend, he now says "Yes" when I ask him if he likes school. I think my brainwashing program is going very well - wouldn't you agree - It goes something like this, "Benjamin, school is fun, you like school, you are going to have lots of friends at school, you will get to color at school, you will stay in school for the next 17 years, you like school." I guess you get the picture. Living in a small town where the rate of college attendance is less than impressive I feel the need to encourage from the start! By the way - He really does like school - he just likes to say he doesn't!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Real Brothers

I just thought I would post a little spontaneous moment the kids had the other day. We had just finished feeding the ducks and Wesley and Benjamin were walking home, they had been catching butterflies - they were having a conversation about something, holding hands - I thought it was sweet. I am sure it won't last for long as they both get older and learn to fight more - but for now they get along really well. It is so fun to see the kids learning to like each other! Now if only I could convince Benjamin and Claire that they are friends (and not archenemies) things would be perfect.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Walls

Just a little house update tonight. We have some basement walls - The radiant heat was put done prior to pouring the cement. Today the floor joists for the main floor were put into place. We spent 2 hours meeting with the cabinet guy - I hate decorating decisions - It is just not my thing - so this was painful - I don't have much to say right now - since I have a huge load of dishes to get loaded and a bunch of clothes to fold - Sounds fun!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

He Asked for Milk!!!!!

Benjamin was eating lunch today and he asked for milk - It is amazing. I have been trying to force him to like milk for 3 months now and he finally asked for it. A normal beverage conversation would be - Benjamin, Do you want some milk? He says, No, water or kurlur (Coke in Chinese). Then I give him milk anyway - which we make him drink before he is allowed to leave the table. Today he actually wanted milk and drank it without being threatened with the loss of something fun. I am a big proponent of milk as a good source of calcium and protein for my kids - and Benjamin really needs to grow - If he going to be really short when he grows up it will not be my fault for not feeding him properly - then I can just blame it on genetics and be content. I think we are really making some progress around here!
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