Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Day of School

Everyone started school this week. Wesley is in 3rd grade, Jessie is in 1st grade, and Benjamin is in Kindergarten. They were all very excited to start, except Benjamin. He said, "I don't like school." So I said, "Yes you do - school is fun!." After brainwashing him with this the entire weekend, he now says "Yes" when I ask him if he likes school. I think my brainwashing program is going very well - wouldn't you agree - It goes something like this, "Benjamin, school is fun, you like school, you are going to have lots of friends at school, you will get to color at school, you will stay in school for the next 17 years, you like school." I guess you get the picture. Living in a small town where the rate of college attendance is less than impressive I feel the need to encourage from the start! By the way - He really does like school - he just likes to say he doesn't!

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