Monday, August 25, 2008

House Update

The house continues to get taller - I think that is a good sign. The main floor ICF walls have been poured. They are framing all the walls on the main level this week and putting the second floor - floor trusses up this week - They may pour the second floor ICF walls on Friday. I - who does not love to shop - (and Kendell) have to pick out all the plumbing fixtures, tubs, and lighting in the next week or two - so that should be painful. I would say things are going well since Kendell and I have not been fighting about anything yet (not like when we put in the laminate floor in the house - it is best just not to talk to each other for a couple of days when you are doing a project like that!). I also included a photo of my mother-in-laws zinna's - they are beautiful and full of butterflies - you realize I just can't resist a good flower picture.

1 comment:

John said...

No that was a "small" tarantula. Big ones are at least 8 inches in diameter.
See you in January!!!!

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