Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cub Scout Fishing

We had 42 cub scouts at our pond today, in addition to many leaders, parents, and grandparents. The kids had a great time. They caught lots of fish - and no fish were severely injured in the process! I thought about what a great program the scouts are - This morning I probably would have been doing laundry or cleaning the house (or blogging) - Instead an event like this makes you spend time with the kids - when you can think of a million other things that you could do. Thanks to everyone who came and helped and brought kids, and thanks to the Dept. of Conservation for the service they provide - It was a huge success! I also included some house update photos - The electric, plumbing, heating/cooling - geothermal - are going in this week.

1 comment:

Phoebe said...

Hey there!
I didn't know that you all had a blog...found it off of facebook.
Your house sure is coming along. I dread the process...we are going to be in that boat in about a year or so...

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