Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Visit to the Keeter Center

We spent the weekend in Branson at a meeting. The kids stayed at the hotel with a friend while we sat in the conference. After the meeting we went to a pumpkin patch. The kids had a great time running around the top of the hay maze. (Sorry, I don't know why the photo uploaded sideways) I am fairly sure they were not using the maze in the spirit in which it was made - but since no one was watching - whatever! I have added an updated house photo - They are building the front porch this week. I love my porch!
Today I am going to make a to do list for the week:
1: Wait for the repairman to come and fix my brand new Kenmore frontloading HE washing machine. I can't believe it lasted almost a month! Well worth the $1500 I paid for it (or not!). Keep in mind this was an emergency purchase after my previous frontloader broke after one year of use - I am sensing a trend and I am not happy. A mom with 4 kids should never be without a washing machine!
2: I am going to start saving money so I can pay 50% of my income in taxes - Who cares about giving to charity and supporting my own community - I trust that the federal government will do a better job spreading the wealth (or not!) than I would if they let me keep my money I earned for working hard.
3: I finished my master gardener class this week - I am going to spray dangerous chemicals on part of my field so I can try an create a wildflower prairie - seems wrong that I have to use chemical for this - whatever - by the way I can't use my master gardener certification to improve my business - So I can't advertise Laurie, MD, master gardener - I am sure my patients would be super impressed by this - They could come in for their sore throats and ask for advice on their leaky tree.


prayerworks said...

the gov may take 50 plus of our income but hey...R.T. went to work yesterday and all the ER people were at tea or dinner or something. R.T. asked what is going on and they said we are on break. With a social care system the doc works alot less and it does not matter about the needs of the patient.

prayerworks said...

We have found that there are some perks to the social system that comes with high taxes....R.T. went to work yesterday and all the ER people were on break. R.T. inquired about why they were sitting down and not working when people were waiting to be seen. Supposibly tea time takes priority over heart attacks. See in the social system docs get paid by the hour, not by the amount of work that he does. I am looking forward to getting paid and seeing more of my husband.

Willowmom said...

That sounds good - I get paid whether I work or not. So basically the government will pay less for care - since we are out for tea and not ordering any tests. That's a fabulous idea. Socialized medicine is awesome!

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