Saturday, November 8, 2008

House Update #103

Here is another house update - They have started installed the cement siding and PVC trim. The rock is going up around the porch. They put the gas fireplace in this week and are starting to sheetrock. Next week the spray in foam insulation is going into the garage, the rooms that need soundproofing and in the 2 exterior walls of the house which are not concrete. It is really starting to look like it may eventually be done. I love the red siding - As long as it doesn't look like a barn when it is done I will be very happy. Don't be frightened by the children in costumes - they will only hurt you a little if you don't give them candy. Since Halloween they have eaten about 6 pounds of candy and I am fairly sure that they have 12 pounds left. They have been trick or treating amongst themselves almost daily since last week - who says Halloween can't last all year.

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