Sunday, November 2, 2008

Language Barriers

I love listening to Benjamin learn English - actually I love to hear him for a while and then some peace and quiet would be good. His favorite thing to talk about right now are "Superzeroes" and "Ninja Turters" - Every time he says it I say "You like superheroes and Ninja Turtles". He just continues to say it the same way - It is so fun! I would like to mention - that I am sure that when I try to speak Chinese - It is laughable also!

Kendell and I saw Fireproof today - It was excellent - I would highly reccomend it - It is a great movie for couples to see together - I give it 2 thumbs up and 4 stars - If you haven't seen it yet - you need to go!!!


cindy said...

Hey I am glad you liked Fireproof.
I was glad I got to go since it was 4 days after Lou's accident. I hated he couldn't go with me. I had a hard time watching it because I kinda felt responsible if it turned out to not be that great! I can't wait to see it again. It will not be out on DVD until January 27,to coinside with Valentine's Day. I read this in a magazine I get. Cindy

cindy said...

I sure enjoy your kids and their excitement over the things they check out at Church. I think Ben is really coming along well. He seems to be adjusting very quickly.
I like your porch on your new house and the red siding! I have seen a red roof on a new house in Pomona. Our house is walnut color siding and some brick. I was told to paint my front door green.... I just left it brown!
I am listening to Spirit FM... just heard a song I really like "There Will Be a Day" by Jeremy Camp. Have you heard it?

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