Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I like Christmastime. I mean what could be better than celebrating Jesus' birthday. The only problem is all the strings that are attached - such as buying presents! I like to put up the tree, make Christmas candy, get the kids a few gifts - that is fun. I do not like the rest of the shopping - Kendell and I don't get each other much - usually he will get some gloves or something for me that the kids can give me and I will get him some new paperbacks from Walmart. The kids are easy - They want anything - they are just happy to get a present/toy they don't have to buy for themselves (they have been a victim of Dave Ramsey). I just hate having to buy for 20 other people (we have a lot of neices and nephews!)- I admit - because I don't like shopping most of them will get a gift card or cash. I really wish my husband's family would give up their love of exchanging gifts! I am pretty sure that Jesus didn't have to buy gifts for everybody! For your viewing pleasure I added a couple of house photos and a Thanksgiving photo of all the kids nicely doing a craft with clay - Don't worry the situation eventually deteriorated and there was some crying, lots of water and paint, gnashing of teeth, and a giganto mess - I love the holidays!!

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