Monday, December 21, 2009

Oops* I Did It Again!!! (AKA the scissor meister)

She did it again (No, I do not listen to Brittany!) Claire has now given herself 3 haircuts. All 3 have been severely bad (Is that an adjective?). She now has a boy cut and has been identified as a boy twice and as Benjamin once since last week. She was initially very embarassed about her cut - but I am not sure that it will stop her from doing it again. Prior to the haircut she had lost her scissor privileges for cutting up something else. I asked her why she cut it. She replied "because Jessie left scissors in my room." Interesting. I have noticed a direct correlation between her haircuts and her professional haircuts. I had just gotten her haircut 4 days before "the incident" where it was finally evened out from her last cut (in March) into a cute bob - oh well - maybe she will look like a girl by next summer. PS: I have gotten several comments on how cute her new cut is - please do not tell her that - I don't want to encourage her!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

First Day of Preschool!! (Ready at 8 am for school at 12 pm!)

First Day of Allergy Season generally coincides with the first day of school for Wesley - He is so lucky!

Wesley, Jessie, Benjamin, and Lynn - ready for the bus.

Powell Gardens flower photo - you knew you were going to get at least one - I have a lot more if you are missing them!

Apple to climb in the orchard area at Powell Gardens.

Someone could have mentioned the fountain when I packed for the day - I almost sent them in naked - but I assume this is a no no in the big city - so we just took some shoes and shirts off - and then tried to line dry the rest on their bodies.

Benjamin and I at Worlds of Fun (a self portrait) on a ride that spins and make you nauseated. How fun!

These are my extremely smily kids - who said when we got out of the car "Oh no, we have to go look at flowers!" - I think they were actually having a good time (except Jessie-she didn't want to stand in the photo).

The first day of school has come and gone. The first day of school has been the only day since school started in which all of the children got themselves out of bed without assistance. Claire has had 2 days of preschool and was very excited to be in charge of snack for today. Right before school started we took a little mini vacation to Kansas City. We went to Powell Gardens and World's of Fun. The kids had a good time and Kendell and I are paying the price for our respite from work by taking call every other weekend - Oh it is good to be home. We have big plans for the upcoming weekend - I am on call and going to finish up nursing home rounds, then I may deal with my green swimming pool (I have decided that there are not enough chemicals in the world to make my pool clear again - so I am pulling the plug!), and we will find somewhere to put the dumptruck load of mulch that was delivered today while I was gone - Our life is so exciting - Of note - the teenager in our first day of school photo is Lynn - she is our foreign exchange student from Hangzhou, China - she is here until next June. We like her a lot and the kids absolutely LOVE her - Sorry Lynn - you will have no peace and quiet while you are at our house!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Update

Last weekend we hiked a trail around Noblett Lake. I didn't realize just how far 6 miles was when you are hiking with 4 kids through the Ozarks. It is actually quite far. The hike took about 5 hours (I had planned for 2 hours). Claire was able to comfortably take her afternoon nap during the hike - while we carried her up the cliffs and through the streams. Everyone did well (AKA - no one was eaten by a bear, went into renal failure from dehydration since I didn't pack enough water, or started bleeding profusely - since I didn't bring any first aid supplies).

Jessie has lost both of her front teeth in the last 2 weeks - and Claire has learned to ride her bike without training wheels in the last 2 days.

I love the front porch on our house. We have been eating out there fairly frequently. We have not had any bug problems (weird!). If we could keep the rogue kittens off of the table things would be perfect.

The kittens have nearly been loved to death this summer.

In honor of mixing things up a bit I will include a bug photo (rather than my normal flower photo!)

Wesley - Super fisherkid

We have fished at out lake - It isn't really fun to fish there unless you are a child since they catch a fish every 30 seconds or so - so Kendell and I spend the entire time running around freeing fish and installing worms - you are jealous aren't you!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Women of Faith

I attended the Women of Faith conference in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago - It was a phenomenal event - I was so happy I could attend. The last one I was at was 7 years ago. This year I was so excited because the music at the event was Mandisa and Stephen Curtis Chapman, the newest speakers for the year were Lisa Welchel (yes, I am a child of the 80's and wanted to live with the Facts of Life girls!) and the CEO of World Vision (I have a soft spot for orphans - If you couldn't tell). I had such a good time - even though I was forced to stay up well past my normal bedtime by my rowdy roomates - I would encourage all women to go if they have the opportunity - you will not regret it - and I guarantee you will learn something and be very entertained (except by the last speaker - where I fell asleep - because of the aforementioned rowdy roomates keeping me up past my bedtime!). I have included a little video clip for your viewing pleasure - sorry but I am not all that great with the camera - and I only had a 512 mb card and could not record the whole song!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Don't Play With the Ketchup!"

On the way home from vacation we had lunch at a Chili's. Wesley immediately found the squeezy bottle of ketchup and started playing with it. I took it away from him - set it on the table and went back to my conversation. A couple minutes later I hear Wesley say "I shouldn't play with the ketchup." Then - Squirt - And as you can see, he managed to make a mess - even though he thought the lid was shut. A little comic relief is always welcome when you are driving home for 16 hours. We couldn't stop laughing - Thanks, Wesley for making a long day a little more fun!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dollar Days

We are enjoying a week in Hilton Head, South Carolina. We are riding bikes everywhere and enjoying visiting with the alligators and other assorted wildlife. The kids love the ocean and Jessie is great at the boogey board (?sp). Today we took a boat to Daufuskie Island - we saw lots of Dolphins - and the kids found several sand dollars and a starfish on the beach. We are planning on going to Savannah and having more ocean time this week. We are also having a daily nap and getting some important novel reading done. As you can tell our vacations are full of excitement!!! The pictures today are in black and white - I don't know why - I am sure Claire has managed to adjust my camera settings.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sorry - I have been MIA - Moving in has taken awhile and when I am home - I am just busy - with trying to put things away inside and work on the landscape and garden outside - I just don't sit down at home - Blogging requires some degree of sitting. I am now successfully sitting - although I should be working on the laundry. The photos of the week are from our churches Family Decathalon - We got 3rd place - (OK, so that means we tied with 2 other teams for last - but at least we placed, and Benjamin was thrilled with the little trophy). I think we most enjoyed the tug of war (We won - but I am sure it is not because we had more people in our family than anyone else) and taping Jessie to the wall - There is just something satisfying about taping your child with duck tape. I never realized how mush fun one could have with tape!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moving In

The last few times I moved it was basically a one day thing. You load up all your stuff, completely clear out the house, and later that night you are sleeping in your new home surrounded by boxes. Since we now are the proud owners of 2 homes, we were in no rush to get everything moved. Because of the fact that we don't have any drawers or shelves in the new house, I can't put anything away anyway. So I fill up my van once or twice a day with stuff from the old house and move it to the new house. It is all very depressing! I think the one day moves are easier, since there is no left behind baggage. Anyway - tomorrow we are getting a load of sod. After this is down we will finish seeding the rest of the yard - It is very brown around here currently. Today I planted some more onions (I know it is late) and garlic (Does garlic grow here?). Yesterday I hosed out the festering, disgusting chicken/duck pen - Who would have thought those little babies could make such a horrible (I am not exaggerating) stinking mess - But I am sure it will be worth it so I can save a few buck on eggs (which if you figure in the price for feed, the price of the chicks, and the price of replacing them when they eventually start laying and then get eaten by a raccoon - doesn't really save you anything). Yet again, I digress - I will glad to be done moving - I will officially be done after I have a garage sale next week (feel free to come and buy a bunch of old junk!).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Adoption Day (and Claire the stylist)

One year ago today (I think, but I am not big on celebrations) we adopted Benjamin. I attempted to take a Happy Adoption Day photo - but I could not get him away from his new Wii Lego Star Wars game - He still had time on his 45 minute daily allotment and could not be disturbed. He obviously looks like a typical American kid now - which is exactly what he is! Jessie and Claire went outside to cut some flowers this afternoon - unfortunately Claire thought she was supposed to cut her hair also - I thought that was her 3 year old phase - but apparently it continues for another year. I wouldn't care if she cut her own hair if she was actually good at it (everyone knows I like to save a buck when I can) but as you can see from the photo she better keep saving for college as I don't think she will pass beauty school. This is her most devastating hair cut as of date (I think it is hair cut number 3 or 4, but I am starting to lose count.). The house update as of now is - no we have not moved in - our very nice cabinet man is also very slow - I am sure that the cabinets will be awesome if they are ever finished. Today Claire and I mulched some of the fruit trees we have planted and after supper I am going to put some wildflower seed on the side of our driveway hill.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another House Update

You know if my house was finished - I wouldn't have to give you house updates - I could give you landscaping updates - which is what really gets me excited. The house was supposed to be done on March first. As you can tell from the photos it is not. The good news is that someday the house will be done - I am just not sure when. The cabinet man was there yesterday and said that they had templated the kitchen counters. That is great - except that then he mentioned that it takes about 2 weeks to get the counters back. That is a long time - especially since gardening season is upon us - I am ready to get started with my yearly hole digging, vegetable planting and then killing ritual! Oh well!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Wesley

Today my big boy turns 9

He was born 8 weeks early weighing a whopping 4 pounds 9 ounces and 17 inches long He is now one of the tallest boys in the 3rd grade (He only drinks milk, he doesn't like soda!)

When he was born Kendell wanted them to take him to the NICU immediately - he was worried about a lack of oxygen to his brain cells. He spent a week on a ventilator, a month in the NICU, and 5 weeks on oxygen and an apnea monitor. This little boy who had to work to hard to breathe and move oxygen to those brain cells is now one very smart little boy!

When Wesley was a few months old we took him to Washington DC - Thereby starting his love affair with history and geography. He is a walking, talking globe and I am confident he knows more history than I do.

He just finished reading all 7 Harry Potter books over the last couple of weeks and has now started on the Series of Unfortunate Events books. He likes to play basketball - but his love for reading affects his athletic prowess - but I anticipate that will improve with time.

This weekend for his birthday we traveled to the City Museum in St. Louis. This is the world's most cool children's museum. If you have not taken your kids there - you must. It is so much fun. We stayed for about 6 hours and didn't even have to stop to feed the kids! I am excited to take the kids back in the summer so they can try out MonstroCity - It is outdoors and was closed since the temperature was only in the 30's. The kids had such a good time - Happy Happy Birthday Wesley!!!!!!!!!!!!

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