Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hola from the Domincan Republic

I am suffering here in the DR. The temperature is a sweltering 80 degrees during the day and 69 at night - poor me! I hope everyone at home is not to cool! We are having a good trip. Our group of 11 from the church is in La Romana assisting a church with cleanup of their facilities - which means most of the group is chopping down weeds with a machete and deconstructing and rebuilding a concrete block wall, and painting, Jim is fixing the electrical stuff along with his apprentice Bub and his assistant/gopher Deanna. Rhonda and I are visiting many homes and trying to help people obtain their medications for a month or two - We are seeing many people with unbelieveably high blood pressure and blood sugar - who can't afford their meds. It is a little disconcerting to treat someone - who will be unable to afford their meds in a month. We attended a great worship service today - Marcus spoke and told the same jokes he tells at home - I don't think they were as funny this time - but the other worshippers appreciated them. Tonight we are going to a service in a poor Haitian community. Some of the people we meet speak English, most Spanish, some Creole, and rarely French. Tomorrow we have a big list of patients to visit and on Tuesday we get a break for a beach day. We are having a great time and are learning a lot. We leave for home on Thursday afternoon and should arrive early Friday morning - I will miss the weather here immensely! I have also missed 2 of my kids having the stomach flu since I left - so I think God must be blessing me for doing a mission trip!!! I would post photos of my trip - but I am not smart enough to know how to do that with someone elses laptop and my SD card!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Have a Dream!

Happy Martin Luther King Day - I have now officially bugged my children until they understand what this day is about and why it is important to remember Martin Luther King. We live in a small and not very racially diverse community - but do have a racially diverse family. I want my children to understand that God created all men (and women) equally - we do not discriminate based on color, wealth, religious preference, or for any other reason - I know that they may hear things at school from other kids which we don't agree with and I want them to understand why this is wrong. Discrimination is not allowed at our home. Thanks to Martin Luther King for his part in changing our future. If you haven't perused it lately I would encourage you to read the I Have a Dream speech - It is amazing!!!! (I love a good speech!)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jessie is 7

Today is Jessie's birthday - We currently have 3 extra little girls here for a slumber party - I think things are going well - only one girl has cried and no one has suffered a laceration or fracture - so a successful party so far! It is 10 degrees right now - I wish my kids had spring or summer birthdays - but I guess they had other plans. I am on call this weekend - so I am thinking fun and frivolity at the nursing home and hospital - what more could I ask for!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Claire

I have taken a little blogging break to relax. I don't know if I relaxed - but I think everyone had a good Christmas. Last week for the new year we celebrated Claire's 4th birthday. She was so excited about her presents - she loved her Dora Bandaids and her new tape (she is easy to please). She also likes her new bike. She told me she doesn't need a sippy cup since she is a big girl now. She does however believe that thumbsucking is not age-dependent - and she will continue to do that regardless of age and tooth damage! For the new year I have resolved that I am OK with the fact that I didn't send out Christmas cards (sorry) and have made no further resolutions as I don't want to disappoint myself. I am so excited to get the kids back to school tomorrow - but I am not excited about my first full week of work in a couple of weeks.
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