Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chinese New Year (a little late)

A few weeks ago we had our annual Chinese New Year get together with the 2 other families in town with Chinese daughters. We ate at a Chinese restaurant (midwest style of course - there's nothing like fried chicken and rice!) Anyway, I digress - The kids had a great time - Claire and one of the other girls are finally getting old enough to really have fun together - The other girl will be old enough next year to join in. Benjamin and the older kids had fun also - and they especially like the New Year's gifts that they recieved - I don't think Benjamin had ever celebrated Chinese New Year before - but it is hard to tell - he doesn't really know - If he had it would have been the only holiday he had ever experienced prior to coming home to the US. So it is about 3 weeks late - but - Happy Chinese New Year.

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