Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another House Update

You know if my house was finished - I wouldn't have to give you house updates - I could give you landscaping updates - which is what really gets me excited. The house was supposed to be done on March first. As you can tell from the photos it is not. The good news is that someday the house will be done - I am just not sure when. The cabinet man was there yesterday and said that they had templated the kitchen counters. That is great - except that then he mentioned that it takes about 2 weeks to get the counters back. That is a long time - especially since gardening season is upon us - I am ready to get started with my yearly hole digging, vegetable planting and then killing ritual! Oh well!


cindy said...

The house looks good! Seems it never gets done on time...just make them do everything you want before they say they are moving on to the next project! We had that happen to us.
Did the Iris survive the winter? My new plants from Schreiner's look healthy except one. I'll share some when they get big enough to divide!!!

tlfriga said...

Wow! Looks like things are moving right along. We need to come up and see it first hand sometime! I like your colors... greens and reds. How exciting! (Things would be SOOOO different if I had a chance to build a second home...but that'll never happen. Tony loves this hill we live on.)

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