Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moving In

The last few times I moved it was basically a one day thing. You load up all your stuff, completely clear out the house, and later that night you are sleeping in your new home surrounded by boxes. Since we now are the proud owners of 2 homes, we were in no rush to get everything moved. Because of the fact that we don't have any drawers or shelves in the new house, I can't put anything away anyway. So I fill up my van once or twice a day with stuff from the old house and move it to the new house. It is all very depressing! I think the one day moves are easier, since there is no left behind baggage. Anyway - tomorrow we are getting a load of sod. After this is down we will finish seeding the rest of the yard - It is very brown around here currently. Today I planted some more onions (I know it is late) and garlic (Does garlic grow here?). Yesterday I hosed out the festering, disgusting chicken/duck pen - Who would have thought those little babies could make such a horrible (I am not exaggerating) stinking mess - But I am sure it will be worth it so I can save a few buck on eggs (which if you figure in the price for feed, the price of the chicks, and the price of replacing them when they eventually start laying and then get eaten by a raccoon - doesn't really save you anything). Yet again, I digress - I will glad to be done moving - I will officially be done after I have a garage sale next week (feel free to come and buy a bunch of old junk!).


prayerworks said...

We took 18 months to move-there was always one more box. One day moves are definetly the way to go! Garlic does grow. Your new neighbor grows it (Olis and Sharon Wiles. If you have any gardening ???feel free to stop and ask them. They gave us lots of advice. They also have good, natural fertilizer. of course you have to bring your own shovel :-) Can't wait to have the docs holiday dinner in your new home.

cindy said...

Did you have a garage sale?? I had looked at your blog and wanted to go to it. Maybe you cancelled because of all the rain??
You are so right about chickens and their mess, smell and high feed cost. The good thing is you know what is pretty much in the eggs they lay,no chemicals!! The yolks are deeper yellow... almost orange. We had 25, and now have 8.
I don't like when they molt...but that is part of it too. Probably won't get anymore when they are gone. Do you have roosters?? We got rid of them. They were mean!:)

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