Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Don't Play With the Ketchup!"

On the way home from vacation we had lunch at a Chili's. Wesley immediately found the squeezy bottle of ketchup and started playing with it. I took it away from him - set it on the table and went back to my conversation. A couple minutes later I hear Wesley say "I shouldn't play with the ketchup." Then - Squirt - And as you can see, he managed to make a mess - even though he thought the lid was shut. A little comic relief is always welcome when you are driving home for 16 hours. We couldn't stop laughing - Thanks, Wesley for making a long day a little more fun!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dollar Days

We are enjoying a week in Hilton Head, South Carolina. We are riding bikes everywhere and enjoying visiting with the alligators and other assorted wildlife. The kids love the ocean and Jessie is great at the boogey board (?sp). Today we took a boat to Daufuskie Island - we saw lots of Dolphins - and the kids found several sand dollars and a starfish on the beach. We are planning on going to Savannah and having more ocean time this week. We are also having a daily nap and getting some important novel reading done. As you can tell our vacations are full of excitement!!! The pictures today are in black and white - I don't know why - I am sure Claire has managed to adjust my camera settings.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sorry - I have been MIA - Moving in has taken awhile and when I am home - I am just busy - with trying to put things away inside and work on the landscape and garden outside - I just don't sit down at home - Blogging requires some degree of sitting. I am now successfully sitting - although I should be working on the laundry. The photos of the week are from our churches Family Decathalon - We got 3rd place - (OK, so that means we tied with 2 other teams for last - but at least we placed, and Benjamin was thrilled with the little trophy). I think we most enjoyed the tug of war (We won - but I am sure it is not because we had more people in our family than anyone else) and taping Jessie to the wall - There is just something satisfying about taping your child with duck tape. I never realized how mush fun one could have with tape!
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