Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dollar Days

We are enjoying a week in Hilton Head, South Carolina. We are riding bikes everywhere and enjoying visiting with the alligators and other assorted wildlife. The kids love the ocean and Jessie is great at the boogey board (?sp). Today we took a boat to Daufuskie Island - we saw lots of Dolphins - and the kids found several sand dollars and a starfish on the beach. We are planning on going to Savannah and having more ocean time this week. We are also having a daily nap and getting some important novel reading done. As you can tell our vacations are full of excitement!!! The pictures today are in black and white - I don't know why - I am sure Claire has managed to adjust my camera settings.

1 comment:

cindy said...

I like the black and white pic's courtesy of Claire!

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