Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sorry - I have been MIA - Moving in has taken awhile and when I am home - I am just busy - with trying to put things away inside and work on the landscape and garden outside - I just don't sit down at home - Blogging requires some degree of sitting. I am now successfully sitting - although I should be working on the laundry. The photos of the week are from our churches Family Decathalon - We got 3rd place - (OK, so that means we tied with 2 other teams for last - but at least we placed, and Benjamin was thrilled with the little trophy). I think we most enjoyed the tug of war (We won - but I am sure it is not because we had more people in our family than anyone else) and taping Jessie to the wall - There is just something satisfying about taping your child with duck tape. I never realized how mush fun one could have with tape!

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theallens said...

I heard Kendell was good @ events here as well. Too bad we were out of town, but I'm glad it gave him a chance to win!

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