Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Update

Last weekend we hiked a trail around Noblett Lake. I didn't realize just how far 6 miles was when you are hiking with 4 kids through the Ozarks. It is actually quite far. The hike took about 5 hours (I had planned for 2 hours). Claire was able to comfortably take her afternoon nap during the hike - while we carried her up the cliffs and through the streams. Everyone did well (AKA - no one was eaten by a bear, went into renal failure from dehydration since I didn't pack enough water, or started bleeding profusely - since I didn't bring any first aid supplies).

Jessie has lost both of her front teeth in the last 2 weeks - and Claire has learned to ride her bike without training wheels in the last 2 days.

I love the front porch on our house. We have been eating out there fairly frequently. We have not had any bug problems (weird!). If we could keep the rogue kittens off of the table things would be perfect.

The kittens have nearly been loved to death this summer.

In honor of mixing things up a bit I will include a bug photo (rather than my normal flower photo!)

Wesley - Super fisherkid

We have fished at out lake - It isn't really fun to fish there unless you are a child since they catch a fish every 30 seconds or so - so Kendell and I spend the entire time running around freeing fish and installing worms - you are jealous aren't you!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Women of Faith

I attended the Women of Faith conference in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago - It was a phenomenal event - I was so happy I could attend. The last one I was at was 7 years ago. This year I was so excited because the music at the event was Mandisa and Stephen Curtis Chapman, the newest speakers for the year were Lisa Welchel (yes, I am a child of the 80's and wanted to live with the Facts of Life girls!) and the CEO of World Vision (I have a soft spot for orphans - If you couldn't tell). I had such a good time - even though I was forced to stay up well past my normal bedtime by my rowdy roomates - I would encourage all women to go if they have the opportunity - you will not regret it - and I guarantee you will learn something and be very entertained (except by the last speaker - where I fell asleep - because of the aforementioned rowdy roomates keeping me up past my bedtime!). I have included a little video clip for your viewing pleasure - sorry but I am not all that great with the camera - and I only had a 512 mb card and could not record the whole song!!!
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